Our Team

  • André Sommer, MD
    André Sommer, MD Co-Founder

    André takes care of our product development and marketing. He sees great opportunities in modern healthcare through digital therapies. Beside his medical background, he has two years of experience as an entrepreneur.

  • Jesaja Brinkmann
    Jesaja Brinkmann Co-Founder

    Jesaja is the R&D and HR magician at HiDoc. He’s eager to unlock the potential of digital health and passionate to shape healthcare with new technologies. In his opinion, patient-centric mHealth solutions offer users easier access to care and increase control over their health.

  • Orest Tarasiuk
    Orest Tarasiuk Co-Founder

    Orest is responsible for the technical side of the product and its interconnection with our business. With a background in engineering, psychology and management, he aims to make our apps more human. To that end, Orest supplements our team with sun and expertise from the Silicon Valley.

  • Dr. Dankrad Feist
    Dr. Dankrad Feist Co-Founder

    Dankrad is responsible for HiDoc’s app analytics, backend development and machine learning algorithms. He is an experienced developer and excels at various technologies due to his past consulting jobs at Argon Design and the data science company Palantir.

  • Othmane Chami
    Othmane Chami Developer

    Chami is one of HiDoc’s developers. He specialises in mobile apps and the corresponding frameworks. Chami continuously adds new cool features to our apps and makes sure that our bug reporting doesn’t explode. He’s also HiDoc’s chief DJ.

  • Manuel Beyer
    Manuel Beyer Mental Health Lead

    Manuel makes sure HiDoc remains sane. He’s our “all-round specialist” and takes care of Cara’s users’ happiness. On top of that, he’s the user-centric force in our business development.

  • Vincent Beauvieux
    Vincent Beauvieux Junior Developer

    Vincent is supporting our iOS development team.

  • Jessica Fangmann
    Jessica Fangmann Team Assistant

    Jessica is our amazing team magician.

  • Ernst
    Ernst Chief Happiness Officer

    Ernst helps wherever he can.

Our General Advisers

  • Jared Sebhatu
    Jared Sebhatu Technology & Innovation Adviser

    Herr Sebhatu berät HiDoc beim den Themen Business Development und Innovationsmanagement. Herr Sebhatu ist Diplom-Ingenieur und seit vielen Jahren in verschiedenen Unternehmen und Organisationen im Bereich Digital Health und Medizintechnik tätig. Hierbei spezialisierte er sich besonders auf den Bereich des Innovationsmanagement für junge, dynamische Unternehmen.

  • Dr. med. Johannes Wimmer
    Dr. med. Johannes Wimmer Medical & eHealth Adviser

    Dr. Wimmer schaut HiDoc über die Schulter, dass in den Bereichen Versorgungsforschung, Kommunikation und Social Media alles glatt läuft. Er ist aus den Medien und Büchern als Dr. Johannes bekannt und bringt viel Erfahrung im Bereich Internetmedizin mit. Aktuell ist er Head of Digital Patient Communication im CVDerm Institute des Universitätsklinikums Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE).

  • David Haber
    David Haber Data Scientist & Machine Learning Adviser

    David hilft dabei, unsere Software intelligenter zu machen. Er verbindet Erfahrung aus den Bereichen Mental Health und Machine Learning, um dynamischer auf die individuellen Bedürfnisse der Nutzer einzugehen. David ist zudem Software Developer bei SOMA Analytics und Co-Founder bei Import Classes.

Our Scientific Advisory Board

  • Prof. Dr. med. Heiner Krammer
    Prof. Dr. med. Heiner Krammer

    Prof. Dr. med. Heiner Krammer is professor of Internal Medicine at the University of Heidelberg. He was chairman of the German Society of Neurogastro-enterology and Motility (2004).

  • Dr. Dipl.-Psych. Christina Rosenberger
    Dr. Dipl.-Psych. Christina Rosenberger
    Dr. Rosenberger helps HiDoc to influence behavior through mobile apps. Working as a psychologist and psychotherapist at the University of Hamburg, her focus lies on functional bowel diseases as well as psychooncology and cognitive behavioural therapy. She is one of the leading authors of the German consensus guidelines on IBS.
  • Prof. Dr. med. Peter Layer
    Prof. Dr. med. Peter Layer

    Prof. Dr. med. Peter Layer is medical director at the Israelitic Hospital in Hamburg and member of the advisory board at German Society for Digestive and Metabolic Diseases (DGVS). He is first author of the German Consensus Guidelines on Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

  • Dr. med. Viola Andresen, MSc
    Dr. med. Viola Andresen, MSc

    Viola Andresen is specialist in Internal Medicine at the Israelitic Hospital in Hamburg. She was coordinating Member of the of the German Consensus Guidelines on Irritable Bowel Syndrome and chronic constipation and member of the Rome IV Committee of the Rome Foundation for Functional Gastrointestinal Disorders.

  • Prof. Dr. med. Stefan Lüth
    Prof. Dr. med. Stefan Lüth
    Prof. Dr. med. Stefan Lüth is medical director at the HELIOS Hospital Duisburg, Department of Internal Medicine (Gastroenterology) and Professor at the University Medical Centre Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE).
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